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Franchise Plan


Last updated: 21st March 2021


Welcome to the PRNV Services Franchise plan. Join/ Become as Franchisee in PRNV Services & earn a huge amount monthly.

Franchise fee Rs. 5900/- ( Including GST) Non-refundable. 30 days validity, after 30 days franchisee has to renew.

SPECIAL OFFER Rs. 5900 for 1st 100 Franchises only.

(The same amount of Rs. 5900 will be continued for this 100 Franchises renewals also)

Franchise commission: 25% commission (Excluding GST) on all plans & renewals/recurring also.


NOTE: The franchisee has to invest (himself/herself/themself only) on staff, office & furniture, etc

No assurance of business from PRNV Services.

PRNV Services will promote through Digital marketing.

No guarantee for leads & conversion. 

NOTE: If the Franchisee is not renewed after every 30 days then the franchisee, not eligible for any commissions & recurring amount.

Franchise revenue sharing upto  enrollment of  1-199 service providers -@ Rs.300 for service provider  (for     renewals also)

  1. Franchise revenue sharing upto enrollment of 200- 499 service providers –@ Rs.400 for service provider (for renewals also)
  2. Franchise revenue sharing upto enrollment of 500 – 999 above service providers –@ Rs.500 for service provider (for renewals also)

3.Franchise revenue sharing upto  enrollment of  1000& above  above  service providers -@ Rs.600 for service provider  (for renewals also)

             Note : the count will be taken  On running of service providers (lapsed will not count )

4.  Franchise income/refferal income/ companys income on completion of work


           Required Documents: 

  • Name/ organization
  • Bank details
  • Pan card
  • Gst no.
  • Aadhar card
  • Address
  • Location
  •  Mobile number



If you are still in a dilemma or don’t want to invest first, PRNV Services provides an Affiliate/ Referral system to earn money.


Anyone can join/ subscribe to PRNV Services business plan/s & refer/ affiliate people like friends, relatives, colleagues, etc & earn a huge affiliate/ referral amount.

The referral/ affiliate amount is 25% on Rs. 699-125.82 (18% GST) = Rs. 573.18

(One time). i.e. Rs. 143.295

The referral/ affiliate amount is 25% on Rs. 1180-212.4 (18% GST) = 967.6 (One time). i.e. Rs. 241.9

The referral/ affiliate amount is 25% on Rs.1299-233.82 (18% GST) = Rs. 1065.18

(One time). i.e. Rs.266.29

The referral/ affiliate amount is 25% on Rs. 6999-1259.82 (18% GST) = Rs. 5739.18

(One time). i.e.  Rs. 1434.795


To know more details about Affiliate/ Referral income please click this link. Affiliate/ Referral income

For any query/ help/ suggestion please contact at