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Electricians in Begumpet

Electricians in Begumpet 



Electricians in Begumpet

Electricians in Begumpet

PRNV Service and Company has been operating in the market for the provision of housing services since 2019. The accumulated experience and highly qualified staff allowed us to achieve a high level of service. The main advantage of the company is strict self-control. After carrying out any type of work, independent experts check the quality of assembly and installation of equipment, great attention is paid to the compliance of the materials used with the features of the facility and safety standards. Electricians in Begumpet Hyderabad.


Electrician Services in Begumpet Hyderabad

Among the services of the company:

  • plumbing work. Specialists are able to carry out operations of any complexity: from the usual connection of household appliances (washing or dishwasher) to the dismantling and installation of plumbing systems;
  • connection, maintenance and repair of electric stoves;
  • electrical service. Includes installation of wiring and equipment, diagnostics and maintenance of networks;
  • chimney repair;
  • operation of non-residential facilities. It consists in maintaining the building in proper technical condition, carrying out scheduled inspections and repairs;
  • installation of plastic bags of the world famous brands Rehau and KBE;
  • a full range of services to ensure the security of the building. Development, installation and maintenance of security systems. Diagnostics and repair of fire safety devices;
  • a full range of services for the maintenance of ventilation systems. Includes installation of units, their inspection and repair.



Get Electricians in Begumpet Hyderabad

Accurate and experienced specialists of “PRNV-Service and Company” perform electrical work inexpensively and with a guarantee. Due to the high level of training and solid experience, our employees cope with any tasks in the field of electrical installation services in the shortest possible time.


Advantages of electrical installation services from “PRNV-Service and Company”

We are a responsible contractor in Hyderabad and we guarantee a high professional level of service. Among our advantages are the following:

  • compliance with the agreed deadlines, immediate departure of specialists to the customer
  • certified electricians who have been providing electrical installation services for many years
  • use of certified equipment and consumables from reliable suppliers;
  • free measurements, budgeting for electrical and electrical work, conclusion of an official contract
  • reasonable prices for electrical installation services
  • compliance with electrical safety standards
  • provision of a guarantee.


For more information on prices for services and the timing of electrical work, call 889-7910-948


Types of electrical installation services


  • Premarking, preparation of holes, sockets, channels for cable routing.
  • Installation of load-bearing and load-bearing elements (boxes, masts, shields, racks, etc.).
  • Laying and connection of cables, installation of junction boxes, switches, sockets, etc.
  • Installation of lamps, connection to the network of other consumers.
  • System performance check, testing and trial run.
  • The final stage of electrical installation services is the commissioning of the system. Documentation is drawn up, if necessary, registration is carried out at the appropriate authorities.


The services of an electrician include:

  •  Diagnostics of wiring, elimination of its problems.
  • Relocation / replacement / installation of sockets, switches, lamps, etc.
  • Wall stripping, cable laying, installation of electrical panels.
  • Connecting household appliances (electric stoves, washing machines, etc.).
  • Other types of electrical work (depending on the situation, the specifics of the object, the client’s wishes, and other factors).



Types of electrical work


  • In the laboratory of the company PRNV Services are carried out:
  • Inspection of the state of the grounding elements of electrical equipment.
  • Insulation resistance test, transient values of all circuit components.
  • Recording the current values of a single-phase short circuit of the “phase-zero” loop in equipment with a voltage of less than 1000 V with a dead-grounded neutral.
  • Grounding measurements in devices of any type.
  • Measurement of insulation resistance of winding of electric motors, cables, wiring circuits, secondary circuits with a voltage of less than 1000 V.
  • Diagnostics of emergency lighting schemes.
  • Survey of protective shutdown equipment.
  • Check for current operation in power grids with a voltage of no more than 1000 V.
  • Drawing up electrical diagrams of a single-line type.
  • Survey of residual current devices.
  • Electrical measurements for testing electrical installations in public and residential facilities.


Call & consult on all issues with a competent employee of the company.



We value our customers, therefore we offer:


  • a wide range of services;
  • prompt processing of orders;
  • excellent quality of the services offered;
  • execution of works by competent and experienced professionals.






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