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Electricians in Madhapur



Electricians in Madhapur



Electricians in Madhapur

What are the sockets to install? Sockets that are produced on the territory of SND are made of insulating material with two contact holes. By type, these are sockets – C and F. They are used in a two-wire network. Electricians in Madhapur Hyderabad.

Sockets of foreign production and a small part of domestic ones are produced for a three-pin network (for a network with a grounding contact).

There are many more types of sockets, these are sockets with catapults, and sockets with plugs for the Internet, television and others.


Installation of type C sockets

Category C sockets have two round sockets. The connectors are suitable for 220-250 V. C sockets are used for electrical appliances that do not require grounding.

Such sockets are designed for plugs of similar type C. These plugs are equipped with two round pins with a diameter of 4 and 4.8 mm, their length and distance between them are 19 mm.

Installation of F-type sockets

F sockets are designed to accept plugs of the same type as the system although according to the standards they are plugs and type C sockets. Type F sockets differ in that they have contacts for grounding electrical installations.

Installation methods for sockets

Depending on the type of wiring, the installation of outlets is divided into two ways: hidden and open. In apartments, houses, offices, the wiring is done inside the walls, respectively, the hidden installation of sockets is carried out. In production, warehouse, etc. rooms, wiring and installation of sockets is done in an open way.

Online Electricians in Madhapur Hyderabad

PRNV Online Electricians in Madhapur Hyderabad. Order the installation of sockets on our website or by phone. We will quickly respond to your order. And our electricians will efficiently and reliably perform the installation of sockets and switches.

Consumers are of the opinion that there are no generally accepted rules for installing the device, the main thing is compliance with the requirements for sealing and technical inspection reports. In fact, the energy saving company may refuse to confirm the installation and control measures if during the installation the electrician, due to his inexperience or irresponsibility, did not fulfill a number of basic requirements for the placement of energy metering devices. Electricians in Madhapur Hyderabad

The price of replacing an electricity meter is usually dictated by the master’s rich practical experience and knowledge of the corporate requirements of the main Ukrainian energy companies (GTEK and Energy Company of Ukraine) for energy metering devices.

It is quite obvious that there should be no rations or twists in the wiring in front of the meter, electrical equipment should be placed in rigid cabinets, the permissible height from the floor is considered to be more than 50 cm and up to eye level. Also, the deviation of electrical appliances from the vertical is prohibited by more than 2

Electrician Services in Madhapur Hyderabad

Why do I need to replace the electricity meter?

  • “self-propelled” device (rotation of the disk when the devices are turned off),
  • completion of the operational period specified in the data sheet,
  • expiration of the state verification period,
  • damage to the seal or device,
  • low accuracy class (less than 2.5),
  • recommendation of an energy saving company,
  • the owner’s desire to install a more profitable multi-tariff electricity meter with parameterization.

If an independent check of energy consumption in a private house or apartment showed fluctuations in the final results, be sure to call an experienced master and conduct a comprehensive test. A timely identified problem will not only save the family budget, but also protect against unexpected failures in the electrical system. Moreover, the price for replacing an electricity meter in case of an urgent, emergency call is always significantly higher than planned replacements. 


How to find a reliable contractor to replace the electricity meter in the house?

In order not to pay twice for the installation, start your search for an electrician with companies that have been proven by years of successful work. The longer a service company has existed in the service market, the tougher the selection of specialists and the more reliable the guarantee for post-installation service will be.

The PRNV Services offers high-quality and professional electrician services almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event of an emergency, you can be sure that the master will thoroughly and safely replace the electricity meter, and will also come after your call for warranty service, since all types of services are provided with a written guarantee.




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