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Franchise Services in Hyderabad

Franchise Services in Hyderabad


Franchise Services in Hyderabad – McDonald’s is one of the well-recognized franchising companies all around the world. In the U.S., more than 90% of their restaurants are owned by Franchisees.

So, if you want to become a franchise owner or entrepreneur and are ready to do hard work with marketing skills and small investment then join PRNV SERVICES.

PRNV SERVICES is Hyderabad based company offering the best Franchise plan. PRNV SERVICES Franchise plan will be helpful for the small entrepreneurs or those who want to settle as a Business/Lucrative Profession.

PRNV SERVICES Franchise plan is estimating a great benefit that any other business may not offer. PRNV SERVICES franchise is one of the best options for becoming entrepreneurs.

You can easily become a part of our PRNV SERVICES. The franchise only has to do hard work in the initial days. Once your franchise gets famous in your area, you can enjoy the lifelong profit.


Why choose PRNV SERVICES Franchise Plan?

PRNV SERVICES is coming up with unique ideas for running the business with a clear vision and strong belief.

PRNV SERVICES is one of the leading Business Opportunities made with a unique concept where there are NO MIDDLEMEN and NO COMMISSION. We are only charging the amount that is used as expenses like handling charges and others.

PRNV SERVICES is the Largest Classified Advertisement Portal which is promoting various categories of service providers.

PRNV SERVICES include a wide range of services like plumbing, electrician, carpenter, catering, cab services, CCTV services, Chimney Services, Computer services, and many more.

We are offering independence to franchise owners to run their franchise and hence we are supporting them whenever they need our support.

Clients/customers can directly pay to PRNV services through a safe online payment gateway.

In PRNV SERVICES, Service Providers are at liberty to bargain with the customers and they can settle the rates according to their convenience.

Service providers are at liberty to fix the schedule of work according to the convenience of the customers. There are no restrictions from PRNV SERVICES.  PRNV SERVICES will not dictate any terms to customers or Service Providers.


 What services we are providing?

  1. We are providing A to Z Services.
  2. On the PRNV SERVICES website, we are allotting unique pages to service providers.
  3. PRNV SERVICES is promoting in digital marketing with which the service providers get leads of the works from the customers.
  4. PRNV SERVICES will be charging a small amount from service providers on monthly basis as service charges.
  5. PRNV SERVICES will take the amount from the work amount and distribute the same for the benefit of service providers, franchises, and customers/clients. And keep few with handling charges.
  6. Service providers and customers are at liberty to bargain and finalize the cost of the work to be done.
  7. If the customer is not happy with the rate he can choose other service providers from the list available.


What should be the skill set for getting PRNV SERVICES franchise Plan?

You don’t necessarily need business experience to run a franchise. Only your dedication with marketing skills and little investment are required to run a franchise.

The person who is planning to join our company through our franchise plan:

  1. Should have good marketing skills
  2. Should be dedicated towards work
  3. Should be hardworking
  4. Should have the ability to learn quickly
  5. You need a two-wheeler
  6. No Deposit of any nature
  7. Little amount for the establishment of the office, marketing, telemarketing setup, and networking.


How Many Employees Will You Need?

You need a small office, marketing team, telemarketing team, internet, and other handlings.


How PRNV SERVICES Is Supporting The Franchise Owner?

PRNV SERVICES is taking care of entire digital marketing. With digital marketing, customers and service professionals will be aware of our brand, services, and our benefits. With this awareness, the work of the franchise will become easy to enroll service providers/professionals.

Once you get the PRNV SERVICES franchise plan,

  • We support you through our website that has a clear vision of all the services
  • We are promoting all our services through digital marketing. Promotion through digital marketing is creating awareness amongst the customers.
  • We are supporting you to connect with the customers in your area.



  1. Name/ organization
  2. Bank details
  3. Pan card
  4. GST no.
  5. Aadhar card
  6. Address
  7. Location
  8. Mobile number
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