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Plan A old1

Plan A

Last updated: 12th Jun 2020.

Key Points

(1) Advance amount Rs. 3540(2) And is refundable. (3) Service provider/s share 90% (4) 10% to Customer cashback from PRNV Services (5) 0% to the Company (6) Each work order call will be transferred to 7 Service providers (7) Each confirmed work order call/lead will be charged Rs. 20 (8) Each work order call/lead charges Rs. 30 & after completion of 300 calls Rs. 20 & after completion of 600 calls Rs. 10  will be charged for each lead. (9) For each completed work order 1 free lead will be given. (10) For every 5 unconfirmed work orders, 1 free call will be transferred. (11) Advance amount refunded: After deduction of Rs. 30/call & balance amount in Rs. 600 will be refunded.  (12) No call… No deduction, Rs. 600 will be refunded to the SP.


Offer available for limited categories:


1) AC Technicians 2) Beauty Parlors 3) Carpenters 4) Deep  Cleaning 5) Electricians 6) Interior Designers 7) Painters 8) Pest control service 9) Plumbers.


How it works: PRNV Services launched Plan A for Service providers who want to earn small & regular income to big income step by step with planning. Joining Fee Rs. 600 & is non-refundable. Rs. 30 costs/lead will be deducted from this Rs. 600.

When a customer wants service in Plan A categories list then that call/ lead will be transferred/provided to 7 Service providers at a time. On each successful call (Confirmed work order) Rs. 20 will be charged. For each completed work order Rs. 30 + Rs. 20 = Rs. 50 will be deducted from the joining fee Rs. 600.

After successfully completing each work order, 1 free call will be allotted to the SP ( No cost/lead & no-cost/confirmed work order). If an SP is unable to get a work order for even 5 calls then the company will provide a free call to SP. After completion of 300 calls (confirmed & unconfirmed) Rs. 20 for each call/lead & after completion of 600 calls (confirmed & unconfirmed) Rs. 10 will be charged.

Advance amount Rs. 3540 & is REFUNDABLE: If the Service provider wants to leave the company after a few days or in the middle, then in that case the company will refund the Balance amount in Rs. if the SP got calls (Confirmed & unconfirmed) and if the SP not received any calls in that case Rs. 600 will be refunded.

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