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Plan B

Plan B

Last updated: 12th Jun 2020.

Key Features

(1) No lead/call charges. (2) Safety deposit: Rs. 3,000 & Refundable. (3) No fixed time period for the business. (4) 70% share to Service provider on each work order. (5) 30% share to the Company on each work order. (7) 1-1 work order/Leads

In 30% company share…

(A) 10% to customer CASHBACK & (B) 20% to the company


Offer valid for only a few Categories:

(1) AC Technicians, (2) Beauty Parlors, (3) Carpenters, (4) Electricians, (5) Interior Designers,(6) Painters, (7) Pest control Services,(8) Plumbers & (9)Residential/Deep/Water Tank/General Cleaning Services Only.


This offer not valid for other CATEGORIES.



How it works: The company will promote & highlight the mentioned services on online marketing. When a customer wants service, then the customer will call the company & the company will allow this call to service provider/s on one to one basis. Customer/s and Service providers/s will discuss & finalize the price, based on work order & location. If the deal not finalized then the customer will choose another service provider from the company list. After completion of work, Customer/s can pay directly to the Service providers or through PRNV Services.

If the Service provider receives an amount from the customer/s then the service provider has to transfer 30% amount to PRNV Services as per agreement. The company share 30% won’t be deducted on each work order from the safety deposit Rs.3000

Aside from if the Customer pays the total work order amount to the Company, then the company will transfer 70% to the Service provider & 10% CASHBACK to the customer.

The service provider is responsible for any damage or loss or the security during work period & workplace (For both Customer & Service provider). PRNV Services is not responsible for any loss or damage.


Safety Deposit: Rs. 3,000 & REFUNDABLE

If the Service provider/s wants to leave the Company in the middle of the business or after a few days, in that case, PRNV Services will REFUND Rs. 3000. Conditions apply.

Note: If any damage or loss or pending work found in Customer’s work then that equal amount will be adjusted from Rs. 3000 safety deposit and then the remaining balance amount will be refunded to the Service provider.

Rs. 3000 will be returned to Service providers after leaving PRNV Services completely (after 15 days from the date of leaving).

Here Service provider/merchant/ business person means AC Technicians, Beauty Parlors, Carpenters, Electricians,  Interior Designers, Painters, Pest control, Plumbers & Residential/Deep/Water Tank/General Cleaning Services.



Offer for Customers/Users:


10% CASHBACK to customer/s available on each work order.

Payment & purchase through the e-wallet facility is also available.



If you are satisfied with these details & ready and AGREE to become Plan B member please click this link. Details of the PRNV Services agreement.




PRNV Services Agreement