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Popular Ads

Popular Ads plan

Last updated: 3rd Mar 2020.


Welcome to the PRNV Services Popular Ads plan/ subscription. List your business/ store/ service in PRNV Services categories/ departments list & get leads/ work orders directly from customers. Service provider/ merchant/ business person can create own profile by self & modify as wish. Customers can view service provider/merchant/ business person profile (description, cell numbers, mail IDs, photos, etc) directly on the PRNV Services website (No hiding details ). Joining fee Rs. 1299. Non-refundable.  Ad duration of 30 days. Service provider/ merchant/ business person can post max 20 photos & 20 video links in profile.

Ads displays in Economy Ads section, Premium Ads section & Separate page for only Rs 1299 paid members (Only 30 categories).


No limit for leads/ work orders.

No guarantee for leads & conversion. 

Service provider/ Merchant/ business person has to maintain a minimum balance in wallet Rs. 1299, above Rs. 1299 can withdraw from the wallet. Payment & purchase through the e-wallet facility is also available.

If you are satisfied with these details & ready and AGREE to become Popular Ads Plan member please click this link.


If you are still in dilemma or don’t want to invest first, PRNV Services providing an Affiliate/ Referral system to earn money.


Anyone can join/ subscribe to PRNV Services business plan/s & refer/ affiliate people like friends, relatives, colleagues, etc & earn a huge affiliate/ referral amount.


The referral/ affiliate amount is 30% on Rs. 10,000. (One time). i.e. Rs. 3,000.00


The referral/ affiliate amount is 30% on Rs. 6,000. (One time). i.e. Rs. 1,800.00


The referral/ affiliate amount is 30% on Rs. 1299. (One time). i.e. Rs. 389.70


The referral/ affiliate amount is 30% on Rs. 699. (One time). i.e. Rs. 209.70


The referral/ affiliate is 30% on Rs. 399. (One time). i.e. Rs. 119.70


To know more details about Affiliate/ Referral income please click this link. Affiliate/ Referral income

For any query/ help/ suggest please contact at