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Process of posting Free/ Paid Ad-starting to end


Last updated: 6th Mar 2020.

Welcome to the PRNV Services “Process of posting free/ paid Ad-starting to end”

1) Search on Google or type

2) To post free/ paid Ad, registration is a must in

3) If you want to post an advertisement for your product/ service/ shop/ store/ business, etc read the PRNV Services how started & Goals, what are we providing at About us and Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund & Cancellation Policy.

4) Choose a package that you need/ want. PRNV Services providing free & paid Ads.

5) Click on Sign up/ Sign in button, enter your details like user name, Mobile number, mail ID, etc to register. A confirmation email will be sent to the given mail ID.

6) Click on received mail link, which redirects to the PRNV Services login page. Enter the user name& password.

7) If you want to post free Ad then select post free Ad button on the home page, follow the next steps like Ad information (Title, Category), price type, select currency, add photos related to your post & description, give tags, select type of Ad, warranty, products/ service new or old, Youtube link, Your name, Mobile number, country, address, here at last point you can select & convert to paid Ad & Select package type.

8) If you want to post a paid Ad/s then click on Membership package button, select type of package/ plan you want, you will be directed to next page proceed to check out & provide billing details (Name: First name and last name, Address  Building or Apartment Name, City Name, State name, Pincode Mobile number), select payment method (like Credit  Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Pay later, UPI, etc) then place order for final stage of post, once your order/ payment completed you will see your Ad order number & reference number.

9) Now you can modify/ update your Ad when you want. You can add photos, video links, check reviews, comments, etc.

Please feel free to contact if any complaints/ suggestions/ help at