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Service Provider

Do you want to reach a huge audience for expanding your business?

Join us and become a part of our service provider community where you can get all the promotional support. You can trust and get great profit from PRNV SERVICES’s service platform.

PRNV SERVICES is offering an online platform that has experienced and skilled professionals connecting you with clients who are searching for specific service providers.

Every one of the experts, however experienced and talented, goes through training modules prior to being permitted to list their administrations on the online platform.

We have a team that is making an algorithm that provides service providers who are nearest to the clients’ necessities and accessible at a reliable time and date.


Benefits of choosing PRNV SERVICES:

PRNV SERVICES is the only company where you can work on your own style. In other companies, one lead is provided to many service providers. All these service providers call the client and explain their work. This process sometime becomes hectic because:

  1. There are many service providers for a single lead
  2. This increase the competition among the service providers
  3. This may also result in reduction of service charges
  4. Sometime clients may get irritated due to call from many service providers

At PRNV SERVICES, service providers don’t face these issues. Here you will get benefit like:

  1. No competition because clients can directly select the service provider from our website
  2. You can directly contact the clients and don’t have to bargain a lot
  3. Service providers can go to the client at their feasible timings.

PRNV SERVICES is providing an online page of your services. The time you get connected with our services, you will receive a URL of your own page that contains:

  • Details of your services
  • Benefits of services that client/customer can get
  • Charges of services
  • Contact details of service providers



PRNV SERVICES is one reasonable company because we are offering an online platform. We are providing numerous benefits for all our service providers.

  • With PRNV SERVICES service providers can work independently
  • At PRNV SERVICES we have NO MIDDLEMAN and NO COMMISSIONS. We are only charging the amount that is used as expenses like handling charges and others.
  • We are providing the guarantee of transparency
  • At PRNV SERVICES you are getting the liberty to directly get in contact with the client.
  • PRNV SERVICES digital marketing will help service providers to get clients in their region quickly.
  • We are providing customer Support

We have the mission to provide an online presence to the service providers in the Hyderabad region. Run your business independently and gain huge profit only with your hard work and the support of PRNV SERVICES.

  • No assurance of business from PRNV SERVICES.
  • PRNV SERVICES will promote through Digital Marketing only.
  • No guarantee for LEADS & CONVERSION.

NOTE 1:- If the service provider is not renewed after every 30 days then you will not get any calls.



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  5. Aadhar card
  6. Address
  7. Location
  8. Mobile number
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